Short Film

Huesca International Film Festival, IndieLisboa, Curtas Vila do Conde, London Short Film Festival, Leuven International Short Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

TV distribution by TVCine and RTP2 (Cinemax)

Sara moved to London to find a job in graphic design but she’s stuck in a restaurant kitchen. Today, after one more rejection, the reality of her life sinks in. Torn between what’s been left behind in Portugal and the possibility of a better future, Sara finds herself on the edge of change.

Fiction · 15’ · PT/UK · 2015

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Short Film

London Film School exercise: Shot in 1 day on 5 minutes of 16mm stock without sync sound.

A little girl sits at a dressing table. An impatient mother combs her hair. Outside of the bedroom, the phone rings. The girl is left to her own devices.

Fiction · 3’ · 16mm · UK · 2012